Our Summer ’21 Virtual Show is Happening!

Hello, PPA Community! This is Cali, PPA’s Executive Director and Founder. I wanted to pop onto our blog to tell you about our Summer ’21 virtual show, Stage-Struck. This show is actually another original play of mine, but it was completed with the help and fun ideas of many of our cast members for thisContinue reading “Our Summer ’21 Virtual Show is Happening!”

Join us for Summer in the Playhouse!

Looking for kids activities this summer? Come join us for Summer in the Playhouse; a series of free and fun virtual events for kids ages 5-18, all throughout the month of July.Here’s the lineup so far… PPA Broadway Trivia Night – July 9th @ 8pm Acting the Song Workshop – July 16th @ 7pm “Legally Blonde” Movie NightContinue reading “Join us for Summer in the Playhouse!”

Hype Songs to Play Before a Performance

One of the best ways to get pumped before a performance is by listening to some energetic tunes! Here we’ve got three of our favorites to blast before hitting the stage. 1. “The Most Important Night” from Tootsie This song is all about opening night; the excitement, the jitters, the camaraderie. Setting this as yourContinue reading “Hype Songs to Play Before a Performance”

Top 5 Tips for Zoom Auditions

With our Summer ’21 virtual show auditions just around the corner, we’ve got Zoom auditions on the brain! In this post, you’ll learn our best tips for nailing the tech of your next virtual audition. 1. Have a clear background Professionalism is very important when auditioning from home. Make sure your background is clear andContinue reading “Top 5 Tips for Zoom Auditions”

Does that “perfect monologue” seem out of reach? Read this.

Hi there! This is Cali, the Executive Director/ Founder of PPA. Let’s chat. Does perfecting a monologue for an audition or performance seem like something you couldn’t achieve because you just don’t have the time or patience to figure out all the details and techniques? It sure used to feel that way for me, especiallyContinue reading “Does that “perfect monologue” seem out of reach? Read this.”

Why choose PPA for summer classes?

Hi there! If you’re thinking about registering for our Summer Session virtual classes, then this post will spell out all you need to know. Please keep in mind that enrollment closes on May 17th and class sizes are limited! So, why should you choose PPA for summer classes? 1. The classes are accessible Each classContinue reading “Why choose PPA for summer classes?”

Welcome to PPA!

Hi there! My name is Cali, I’m the Executive Director and Founder of Playhouse Performing Arts. By now, if you’ve been exploring the site, you probably already know that we’re a nationwide virtual arts company, committed to helping young actors across the United States thrive through theater, education, and community. Here on our blog /Continue reading “Welcome to PPA!”