Top 5 Tips for Zoom Auditions

With our Summer ’21 virtual show auditions just around the corner, we’ve got Zoom auditions on the brain! In this post, you’ll learn our best tips for nailing the tech of your next virtual audition.

1. Have a clear background

Professionalism is very important when auditioning from home. Make sure your background is clear and clean before getting on camera. If you can, try setting up with a blank wall behind you or use a plain virtual background.

2. Have good lighting

The team running the auditions wants to be able to see your performance and your face clearly, so take the time to check the lighting before the auditions. If you have a ring light, set that up nearby for added brightness. If not, do your best to make sure there’s no harsh lighting above or behind you and set up a lamp close to you that’ll brighten your face.

3. Come prepared

Zoom auditions are just as serious as in-person auditions. Make sure you know what the audition requirements are (monologue, song cut length, cold read, etc) beforehand so you’re comfortable and prepared ahead of time. This will help you to be able to focus on any tech things during the audition as well.

4. Test your mic beforehand

You want to be able to be heard clearly during your audition, so take a few minutes to check your mic and audio levels before the audition.

5. Double-check your screen-name

Keeping your screen-name straight on Zoom can be confusing, so don’t forget to double-check it and make sure it’s correct before your audition!

What are your best tips for Zoom auditions? Leave a comment below!

So now that you’re a Zoom audition expert, we’d love to see you at our next ones! Click here to register for our Summer ’21 auditions right now.


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